EZMP3 Player Pro


EZMP3 PLAYER is a music player which can play MP3 and M4A (Apple's Lossless Music

File Format) files.

You can directly input your music files and there is no need of iTunes sync.

When operating using remote control, you can use beep sound effect and special features like

deleting files.


- Unlock Screen Display

- Supports Lyrics Display

- Copy Function of Music Files for iPod library (Only available for PRO ver.)

- Bitrate Display of MP3/M4A file info

- Supports all language encodings of id3 tags

- No need of iTunes sync

- File transter via WiFi. Simultaneous transfer of multiple files

- File transfer via USB

- "Delete Files" function supported in remote control (special features are executed by pressing the button three times in a row)

- Beep sound effect in remote control mode

- Direct (manual) management of folders & files

- Create playlists

- Supports id3 tags

- Implementation of visual effect for sound pressure while playing music

- Supports Multitasking

- Album/Artist Gallery

YouTube Movies


Ver 1.3.8

- Fixed bug

Ver 1.3.8

- Unlock Screen Display

Ver 1.3.7

- Support iOS5 Keyboard Size

Ver 1.3.6

- Supports iOS5

- Fixed extension of filename on uppercase

Ver 1.3.5

- Added search function for songs

- Improved continue play after phone call

Ver 1.3.4

- Improved shuffle

- Added lyrics display

Ver 1.3.3

- Added Album/Artist Gallery

- When you remove the earphones while playing, adding the ability to stop playing

- Improved playback of the file unstable

Ver 1.3.2

- Added Optimizing List Function

- Fixed bug

Ver 1.3.1

- Fixed bug in Bluetooth/Docking devices

- Improved 3G connectivity

- Added Auto-Lock OFF Function in File Download

Ver 1.3.0

- Added Copy Function of Music Files for iPod library (only available for PRO ver.)

- Added Bitrate Display of MP3/M4A file info

- Suppprts Remote Control Special Functions ON/OFF

- Supports Beep Sound ON/OFF

- Supports id3 tags of M4A file

EZMP3 Player Pro (No iTunes sync)

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